Semester Tiga


So, how was the third semester? Great? Yes, it was great with you.

Mulai sibuk, iya. Namun, melewati hari sibuk dengan banyak tugas bukanlah hal yang perlu ditakuti ketika kita tahu ada banyak sahabat di samping kita, menemani kita melewati Read the rest of this entry »


She is…

She is…. one of my classmate…

I still remember the first time I met her. We met when we got the first day in this school. I was her deskmate. And later I knew that she is one of my classmates. We also stayed in the dormitory.

She is… an active girl I think. She joined some students organizations like OSIS and Scout. Last year, she even became the leader of girls dormitory. She is a smart girl too. As I remember, she always in the first ten rank since the first grade. She could manage her time well. Beside of that, Read the rest of this entry »